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I love this story from My All in All: Daily Assurance of God’s Grace, by Robert J. Morgan (the April 27th entry). 

He writes that he once asked a prominent minister how he remained so visionary and passionate. 

“I execute myself every day with 220 volts,” he said. Galatians 2:20: “I am crucified with Christ.”

It is not an easy thing to be crucified with Christ. It must be done on a daily basis. Some people speak of it as the way of cruciformity. It is a cross-shaped life. It is dying to self so that God’s will can be done through us. 

What is hard for you to “kill” in yourself? How can that thing that needs to die in you keep you from being the hands and feet of Jesus in this world? 

I think of the vision and passion of the minister who said he gets jolted with 220 volts of cruciformity every day. Just think what a shock to the system it would be to many of us if we truly did die to ourselves daily, take up our crosses, and follow Jesus into a life of sacrifice so that the purposes of God could be fulfilled in our lives!

And that is exactly what we signed on for when we were baptized into Jesus. Let us say it, maybe even sing a verse of it, and mean it: “I Have Been Executed With Christ!”