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We start againa brand new year,

Unspoiled and fresh, and full of cheer.

So full of promise, hope, and zeal

Untouched by failure, and we feel

On fire to go where we’ve not been!

We make our goals, and start again.


Amazing how a simple change

Of date stirs us to rearrange

Our habits, hobbies, schedules too!

Out with the old, in with the new.

Determined this time we will win

We feed our faith—and start again.


God knew we’d need some markers here

And so he made them very clear:

The heat of summer, falling leaves,

Winter, then the cool spring breeze

Dawn keeps coming, night will end,

And in the light we’ll start again.


And so to God we ought to raise

A prayer to help us through the days

Of this new year he’s let us see.

Oh may this be our greatest plea:

“Dear Lord, I see the shape I’m in

But by your grace, I’ll start again.”